Regular Savings Plans

Regular Savings Plans

If you are looking for a long-term savings product in which your money has the potential to earn the higher long term returns associated with investing in equity markets, then a regular savings plan investing in unit-linked managed funds may be right for you.

However you need to be aware that your capital is not guaranteed and at maturity, you could receive an amount less than your original investment.

Saving For a Medium or Long Term Goal

Once a financial goal is established, you need to start saving immediately, on a regular basis, in order to meet that financial commitment when the time comes.  This type of financial planning is essential for the future, both to achieve your goals and to take action against financial pressure in the future.

Continually Contributing

A regular savings plan is a slight variation on a lump sum investment. A lump sum investment utilises and locks away current excess funds for a number of years. A regular savings plan is used to save your monthly excess cash in order to produce a lump sum at a later date. Therefore, the comments on the previous section entitled ‘Lump Sum Investments’ should be read as they also apply to regular savings plans.

SSIA Experience

A number of years ago the SSIA savings scheme successfully ingrained a monthly saving culture in Ireland. Part of successful financial planning is to establish financial goals for the future, both for ourselves and for our dependants and then we need to commit to the ongoing habit of saving.

Benefits of a Regular Savings Plan:

√        Varied choice of funds √        Liquidity & easy access
√       Opportunity to generate a real return to combat inflation √        Can be tailored to suit individual risk profile

How abm financial advisers can help

  • Together we identify your achievable financial goals for the future, such as providing for a child’s future education.
  • Our detailed fact find will establish how much you can contribute on a monthly basis to your savings plan.
  • Regular evaluation meetings to review your financial performance versus target, and to discuss changes in your world, our world and the world.

How can I get further information on regular savings plans?

For further information on incepting your regular savings plan, email us.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.