Employer Schemes

Employer Schemes

  • The financial requirements, objectives and interests of our clients, and their employees, are our priority.

Administration & Consultancy Services

abm financial advisers offer full administration and consultancy services for occupational pension schemes.  We tailor our financial services to suit your company requirements, including:

  • Benefits Administration
  • On-line systems
  • Communication Guides
  • Investment Consultancy
  • Scheme Review & Design
  • Insurance Benefits – life insurance, income protection, critical illness.
  • Risk rebroking
  • Group P.R.S.A.s

We engage in active communication with our clients to fully understand the benefit requirements of each client, taking note of the company philosophy and resources.  We participate in local and national professional and industry bodies so that we are always aware of forthcoming issues and familiar with local topics that might affect you, and your employees.

Our assurance – your confidence…

Our service delivery is based on a simple philosophy, learned from our background in personal financial services – “on time, every time”.

  • We guarantee an innovative, pro-active and personal approach to your benefit arrangements.
  • Our professionalism ensures a company ethic committed to using our experience and knowledge to manage your pension and benefits arrangements.
  • Our size enables us to embrace a more flexible, personalised approach to corporate pensions.

Employee engagement

As a result of our commitment to financial planning, we focus on clear, effective communication to agree, and subsequently achieve, realistic financial targets for you. Transparent, regular communication for the benefit of the employee, the employer and the trustees eliminates the confusion surrounding pensions and the associated benefits.  Our “employee engagement” principle includes the following:

  • Preparation of member booklets and presentations to increase understanding of the benefit programme.
  • Educating members regarding the importance of contributions and investment in a defined contribution arrangement.
  • Access to on-line, bank account style pension fund information for employees, employers and trustees.
  • Individual reviews.

Planning for results

We believe in active planning to ensure that our clients, and their employees, understand the agreed financial targets. We review our client’s needs regularly to ensure that we are meeting their requirements, and in turn we also consider our obligations to each employee to ensure that our services are tailored to be as effective as possible.

Our Approach

Directors, consultants and staff are involved in the operation of our client’s benefit arrangements, thereby ensuring a unique approach through the use of our different skill sets.  We are in essence motivated by people, to achieve genuine results.  Our reputation is very important to us, and we strive for integrity and exceptional quality in all our working relationships.

Contact Us

For further information regarding your financial arrangements, or to arrange for a presentation of our corporate services, call abm financial advisers alternatively, e-mail us at info@abm.ie

Scheme Review & Design

We offer genuine retirement planning solutions for your benefit requirements.  Whether you are just setting up your scheme, or reviewing your existing arrangements, we will ensure that your benefit package is compliant, competitive and appropriate to your resources.

Scheme Design
During the initial design stage of your benefit plan, we would address issues such as:

  • Eligibility rules
  • Member retirement age
  • Options at retirement
  • Contribution rates
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions
  • Investment Choice &  Selection
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Trusteeship Solutions

Scheme Review
We offer suitability reviews of your existing benefit plan, focussing on:

  • Scale of Benefits
  • Suitability to your organisation
  • Fee Structures
  • Complexity of Benefits
  • Tailoring and simplifying
  • Human Resources
  • Competitiveness of existing benefits

Benefits Administration

We provide full administration services for Defined Contribution retirement programmes. We offer exceptional service focussed on prompt turnaround times and reduced costs. We also offer a web-based administration system which ensures accuracy, data consistency and access to bank account style information for every member, every client.
Our services include:

  • Member record-keeping and administration
  • Access for member and company personnel to user-friendly, on-line system
  • Individual financial reviews
  • Member benefit statements
  • Benefit calculations and payments
  • Trustee annual reports

Communication Guides

Effective communication is central to personal financial management.  At abm financial advisers, we aim to create individual ownership of the benefits, thereby reinforcing their value to each employee.We apply this concept to our corporate pensions through an employee engagement programme including:

  • Member Presentations
  • Individual benefit statements
  • Member Guides
  • Investment mail shots
  • Individual meetings
  • Personalised benefits’ projections


Investment Consultancy

We use a four-stage model for our investment consultancy in which we:

  • Work with our client to agree achievable targets
  • Generate an investment structure based on our client’s attitude to risk.
  • Compile a short list of investment managers for review and selection
  • Monitor results


Investment Management

Our strategies for long-term investment management incorporate a number of our key principles relating to investment:

  • Structured monitoring of investment performance
  • Regular comparison of investment management fees
  • Clear analysis of risk ratings
  • Effective utilisation of life cycle investment options (investor’s age, level of risk aversion, the investment’s purpose, and the length of time until withdrawn)

The investment performance of the scheme’s assets is one of the most significant factors in deciding a member’s ultimate benefits at retirement.   We design investment solutions for trustees, employers and members based on scheme specifics, ensuring optimal results.

Insurance Benefits

We arrange all aspects of insurance benefits including:

  • Group Life Cover
  • Income Protection Cover
  • Specified Illness Cover

We actively pursue the most competitive rates for our clients, combined with an efficient, reliable service from our providers.

Risk Rebroking

The provision of life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover is one of the most competitive aspects to a benefits programme. Risk rebroking is a comprehensive exercise in which quotes for the insurance benefits are obtained from all leading insurance companies.  We undertake rebroking exercises on behalf of companies to ascertain the most competitive rates for provision of cover.  We also review the existing benefits for both suitability and potential cost-savings.

Group P.R.S.A.s

Group P.R.S.A.s (Personal Retirement Savings Account) are becoming an increasingly popular vehicle for companies through which retirement planning may be offered to its employees.  Group P.R.S.A. Schemes offer flexibility and portability for employees, along with lower charges for employers through the elimination of administration and consultancy fees.

How Can I Get Further Information on Employer Schemes?

For further information on Employer Schemes email us.


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