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March 2023


Watch Webinar The Investment Conundrum: How to optimise your investments and pension funds in an era of higher equity and bond market volatility, high inflation, and rising interest rates. Bumpy Road Ahead? The investment conundrum Speakers Seamus Coffey, UCC and Peter Smith, Aviva, share their views on the economic backdrop and an investment outlook for 2023. The global equity and bond markets underwent a severe correction in 2022. What can investors expect for 2023? Our speakers will share their views and some of the key challenges and opportunities within the...

November 2022


How to position your investments in an era of geopolitical shocks, potential recession, heightened volatility in markets, and inflation concerns; how to take advantage of the opportunities that exist; the importance of having a longer-term financial plan for all seasons.

September 2022

July 2022


The Investment Conundrum: How to optimise your investments and pension funds in an era of higher equity and bond market volatility, and high inflation. The global equity and bond markets have undergone a severe correction in the past six months. Investors have many questions which merit careful consideration, such as: With world inflation at a 40 year high, are there echoes of 2011 with the recent Italian bond spreads widening from core European bonds rates? Lessons learnt from the last five bear markets, i.e. of 1982, 1991, 2001, 2008...

April 2021


The Investment Conundrum: How to optimise your pension fund and investments in an era of higher equity valuations, negative interest rates and creeping inflation. The global economy has undergone a severe shock in the past 12 months. With the vaccine rollout allowing us to tentatively look beyond the pandemic, investors have many questions which merit careful consideration such as: Extraordinary Central Bank policy measures have been implemented, but what are the longer-term effects? Why are global equity markets hitting new all-time highs when so much of the...

February 2018

Pension Benefits with Ex Employers

It is important for you to take control of any dormant pension funds still managed by ex-employers. The first item on your action plan is to ask your ex employer to send on your updated leaving service options statement. This will detail how much your pension is currently worth and will outline all of your options, one of which will detail your option to move your pension monies from your ex employer’s scheme to your personally owned buyout bond pension...

Investment Markets Update

Recent weeks serve as a useful reminder that short term volatility will always be part of the investment journey. Equities recovered some ground this week, having endured a torrid time in recent weeks. Even though there was an initial strong start to 2018, which saw equities rise by 3.5%, extreme short-term volatility has re-emerged and the global equity index (in euro terms) lost 4% last week and currently, the year to date loss stands at 2%. Recent equity losses appear to...

July 2017

Pension Your Way To Financial Freedom

Pension Your Way to Financial Freedom The mere mention of the word ‘pension’ may cause the average reader to feel immediately drowsy, however a pension is simply a longer term savings plan with extremely generous tax reliefs attaching. Investment Strategy Regardless of whether we are talking about savings inside or outside a pension structure, there are still only the same five main asset classes to choose from; cash, bonds, equities, property and alternatives. In broad terms, your decision on where to invest depends...