Deposit accounts

Deposit accounts

Many of us opened our first deposit account with our local bank at a young age and so we are familiar with this basic bank product. If you still have your money on deposit with your local bank and have not compared their deposit rates to the market, the probability is that you would achieve a better rate of interest elsewhere.

Benefits of a deposit account:

√        Stable return √        Liquidity
√       Capital security (guarantees exist but are subject to certain limits) √       Highly adviseable to have access to a ‘rainy day’/ emergency fund

How abm financial advisers can help

  • In seconds, our market leading software can rank the differing interest rates available from all deposit takers in the country on a daily basis.
  • In addition to advising, we can arrange your deposit account with any one of the 4 deposit taking institutions, with whom we hold an agency.

How can I get further information on deposit accounts?

For further information on taking out a deposit account, email us.