Savings & Investments

Deposit accounts

Many of us opened our first deposit account with our local bank at a young age and so we are familiar with this basic bank product. If you still have your money on deposit with your local bank and have not compared their deposit rates to the market, the probability is that you would achieve a better rate of interest elsewhere.Read More »

Lump sum investments

It is always advisable to have access to a sufficient deposit fund, as a financial safety net, in case of emergency and unforeseen financial setbacks. Once you have an adequate emergency fund on deposit, you may want to consider other options with regard to additional savings built up over the years.Read More »

Regular Savings Plans

If you are looking for a long-term savings product in which your money has the potential to earn the higher long term returns associated with investing in equity markets, then a regular savings plan investing in unit-linked managed funds may be right for you.Read More »

Tax Efficient Savings Plans

If you are looking to combine a long-term savings product with a tax efficient strategy, then a tax efficient regular savings plan may be right for you.Read More »