Personal Pensions

Personal Pensions

  • Facilitating financial freedom & a deserved standard of living for your retirement

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Deciding how to fund your retirement is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make.

The decisions you make now regarding your pension plan will have a huge impact on the standard of living you will enjoy when you are no longer working.

At abm financial advisers, our team of investment experts are dedicated to helping you choose the most suitable personal pension plan for your individual needs. A personal pension plan that ensures you achieve your financial objectives for your retirement, and enjoy a comfortable standard of living when you no longer have an earned income.

We are authorised agents for 7 personal pension providers in Ireland.

What Is A Personal Pension?

A Personal Pension Plan is a private pension policy that is managed for you, normally in conjunction with a life assurance company. It is essentially a long-term savings plan whereby you make regular contributions to help you build up an income for your retirement.

Who Is Eligible To Set Up A Personal Pension?

  • Self-employed individuals.
  • Employees who are not provided with a pension by their employer.

How Do Personal Pensions Work?

  • You invest a % of your income in a pension fund over a long-term period e.g. 20-35 years.
  • You choose the pension provider and then allocate your investment to one or more of their competing funds.
  • You may review and change your fund choice at a later stage.
  • Most providers have sufficient funds available for you to invest in a mix of asset classes such as equities, bonds, property, alternative assets and cash.
  • You may choose to pay either regular monthly contributions or lump sum payments, or both.
  • Your personal pension plan is set up as a ‘Defined Contribution’ plan. This means that the value of your pension fund when you reach retirement age will depend on the amount you contribute, the performance of the fund and the charging structure. For many people, their pension fund at retirement is often worth more than the value of their home!

Benefits of a Personal Pension:

√        Tax relief on your contributions (subject to certain limits) √        Tax free investement growth
√       Tax free lump sum on retirement (subject to certain limits) √       Peace of mind that you now have a pension target and a plan of action

Our Unique Approach


  • At abm financial advisers, we believe in providing you with a knowledge based quality service. Your adviser will be a fully qualified accountant, fully qualified financial adviser (QFA) in addition to being a retirement planning adviser (RPA).

Tailored Solutions

  • Following a full financial review, your abm adviser will provide you with an advice first and product second solution.

Personalised Approach

  • You take as much or as little control as you wish. If you would like a high level of direct control over the actual assets that make up your pension fund, this can be catered for via your own self directed personal pension.



How Can I Get Further Information on Personal Pensions?

For further information on taking out a Personal Pension Plan, email us .

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.