Tax Efficient Savings Plans

Tax Efficient Savings Plans

Regular Savings Plan With a Twist

If you are looking for a long-term savings product in which your money has the potential to earn high returns, by investing in equity and bond markets through unit-linked managed funds, then a regular savings plan may be right for you. This savings product is a regular savings plan (see previous section) but with a difference. Depending on your personal circumstances your regular savings plan can be tailored to utilise certain tax advantages depending on the purpose of your savings goal.

However you need to be aware that your capital is not guaranteed and at maturity, you could receive an amount less than your original investment.

Child Savings Plan

Many parents choose to incept a savings policy to provide for a child’s future. By choosing to assign the savings plan to the child, you can make full use of the annual gift tax exemption of € 3,000 from any one individual (€ 6,000 from a married couple). By assigning the policy to the child, the child will be entitled to the proceeds without reference to Capital Acquisitions Tax.

Regular Pension Contributions

Regular monthly pension contributions continue to be the most tax efficient regular savings plan of all. This is covered in detail in our Retirement Planning section.

Benefits of a tax efficient regular savings plan:

√        Varied choice of funds √        Utilising certain tax reliefs
√       Opportunity to generate a real return and beat inflation √        Can be tailored to suit individual risk profile

How abm financial advisers can help

  • Superior advice you can rely on.
  • Your adviser will be both a fully qualified accountant in addition to being a fully qualified financial adviser (QFA).
  • No complicated, technical jargon – simple, clear and easy to follow information

How can I get further information on tax efficient regular savings plans?

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Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.