Wills & CAT Webinar April 2024

Wills & CAT Webinar April 2024

Wills and Capital Acquisitions Tax, a balancing act at an important Juncture?

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Watch on YouTube the recording of our webinar which was broadcast live on Wednesday, 24th April 2024

  • Our speakers, Risteárd Pierse and Brendan Twohig, shared their views and some of the key challenges and opportunities including:
  • Why, rather than rely on the 1965 Succession Act, you may choose to make a will with your solicitor.
  • The essentials of a good will and suggestions on how to plan with the aim to reduce family conflict after your death.
  • Provision for children.
  • The implications of Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) law recently commenced.
  • An overview and the essentials of Capital Acquisitions Taxes (CAT).
  • Tax tips and action items to reduce exposure of your family to gift and inheritance taxes.
  • Risteárd Pierse and Brendan Twohig will discuss these (and other) pressing issues and also present their views on how hard-pressed taxpayers should set themselves up for the years ahead.
    Most importantly, we want to ensure that we are addressing the issues that matter most to our clients.

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Eoin Buckley