The Investment Conundrum: How to optimise your pension fund
and investments in an era of higher equity valuations, negative
interest rates and creeping inflation.

The global economy has undergone a severe shock in the past 12 months.
With the vaccine rollout allowing us to tentatively look beyond the pandemic,
investors have many questions which merit careful consideration such as:

  • Extraordinary Central Bank policy measures have been implemented, but what are the longer-term effects?
  • Why are global equity markets hitting new all-time highs when so much of the global economy remains mothballed?
  • Have equity valuations across the market reached ‘bubble’ levels?
  • Or alternatively, should investors remain cautiously optimistic on the outlook for equity markets given the paltriness
    of returns from traditional safe haven assets, i.e. extremely low bond yields and negative deposit rates?
  • The investment outlook for the five asset classes, i.e. deposits, bonds, equities, alternatives and property.

Ian Slattery will discuss these (and other) pressing issues, and also present Zurich’s views on how investors should set themselves up for the years ahead.
Most importantly, we want to ensure that we are addressing the issues that matter most to our clients.

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Eoin Buckley