Seán’s Journey

Seán’s Journey

Little did I realise as I set off on my way to work on August 21st 2017, that it would be a very long day for my wife Aislinn, our 5 kids, my parents, siblings and friends. Stories in the media of fatalities from road traffic accidents are saddening, particularly as I think to myself “that could have been me!”.

It is great we live in a first world country where the medical services work when you need them. Without the great care of the many professionals who looked after me I would not be able to write to you now. I’ve had a number of surgeries including an 8.5 hour keyhole surgery on my diaphragm.  My right arm is now supported with metal rods and plates, and other multiple severe injuries.

I left the hospital at the end of September and have been recuperating at home in Crosshaven since. With between 5 and 8 outpatient appointments per week, plus my daily physio homework I have been kept busy however it is isolating being away from the life you are used to, I miss the cut and thrust of helping you, our clients, on your financial journey through your life.

In January, the medical advice was I could return to work for four hours per week. While this allows a very limited amount of work to be done, it is great to get out of the house and meet Eoin, who to be fair to him has picked up my work since August. You will be pleased to read that I am heeding the doctor’s advice and am not overdoing it.

As an aside, Aislinn and I during the summer had just started the process of building a house in Crosshaven. A standard condition of the loan offer is that I had to take out life cover for the mortgage. Having being healthy all my life, I was taken aback at my new reality when in November I could not get life cover for our new mortgage.  Happily, five years ago, I took my own advice when I incepted life cover on my life for the benefit of Aislinn and the kids. We can proceed with the mortgage using the old life cover. Construction progress continues and the windows of the house are currently being fitted.

Fatigue is the main challenge I have, however every week I am ever slowly getting better. I hope, in due course, to be able to help you all with investment and pension advice.





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